Null Zones

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Drift Danger
Universal public sign created by EIV for warning others of heavily-contaminated drift areas and places exposed to drift phenomena.

The Null Zones, commonly referred to as “NZ’s” are geographic or interstellar locations where drift activity and event frequency are beyond technological means of containing. The designation of Null Zone started in 2146, five years after the end of The First Drift War. Anything that enters these areas are at a high risk for encountering drift related phenomena.


Geographically, there are no common features that stand out as denoting a location to be or not to be a potential Null Zone. The appearance of Null Zones posed an issue to EIV during The First Drift War and The Second Drift War (DW-1 and DW-2) as containment technology did not appear to function properly within effected areas.

Null Zones do exhibit common preternatural characteristics. Within the Null Zone, technology both within the area and scanners trying to obtain readings from outside the area are subject to technological malfunction. This phenomenon tends to be focused primarily in the central regions of the Null Zones, however the effect impacts the non-central areas at random intervals as well.

Identified Null Zone locations are cordoned off by EIV and have multiple levels of containment layered around the area to prevent what is inside from escaping. An entire fleet of EIV’s is dedicated to containment monitoring and patrol. Anything trying to leave or enter a Null Zone without authorization to do so is terminated with extreme prejudice.

The Null Zones are surrounded by an accompanying Latent Anti-Drift Geoscapes (LAG) which are regions that are not fully stabilized, however, are deemed safe by EIV’s standard. For more information regarding Latent Anti-Drift Geoscapes, please see: Latent Anti-Drift Geoscapes.

Public Controversy

The creation of Null-Zones has come under criticism by several “public interest groups” of questionable origin. Most commonly these organizations are quick to point out that there may be survivors from the drift wars or “friendly” sentient drifters within these zones. EIV stands firm that these areas pose a threat not only to humanity but the fabric of reality itself. Anything that comes from the area needs to be scrutinized intensely for the safety and security of the world’s population.

Additional criticism comes from the fact that a majority of the geographic regions that the world’s religious sites can be found in have been classified as Null-Zones. The World Council reminds everyone that the creation of the Null-Zones was in 2146 and predates the global ban on religion enacted in 2191 by forty-five years. The fact remains that these areas are highly unstable and prone to frequent drift events.

The World Council reminds everyone that extreme measures are necessary when confined to small areas to ensure the entire planet remains safe from further hostile incursion.

Containment Efforts

EIV Standard Operating Procedure for significant drift events that occur within the Null Zone is to send in containment squads to prevent a buildup of potential hostile drift entities.

EIV Standard Operating Procedures for significant drift events that occur outside of the Null Zone is to send in private contractors prior to deployment of containment squads. Given the nature of the LAG these drift events can be controlled for the minimal expense of local private contractors versus the cost of a full deployment of EIV resources.

If any significantly sizable drift event proves to be outside the abilities of the forces sent in for containment, then EIV will align a JORRD with the epicenter of the event and lance the area with a specially designed high energy blast designed to stabilize drift events. The drawback of using this option outright is that the process results in a significant amount of collateral damage ranging anywhere from ten to fifty miles from the epicenter of the drift event. This process is commonly referred to as “glassing” as all that will remains of targeted areas is a layer of melted earth.

Notable Incidents

See Timeline for an overview of world events.

  • 2152: <NZ-052-A> – Nevada LAG – The initial containment measures taken after the First Drift War was found to be lacking. NZ-052-A was breached from the inside a large volume of hostile drifters and drift beasts escaped. Containment forces were deployed and were able to keep the advance of hostile forces within the LAG but not push them back. This was the first deployment of JORRDS after the end of the First Drift War. The entirety of NZ-052-A was glassed and a second layer of containment measures were built with updated technology and new methods.
  • 2215: <NZ-023-D> – Jersey LAG – For reasons not released to media, the containment for NZ-023-D failed. The incident was responded to immediately by local private contractors for the Free Agencies operating in the area. The local private contractors were able to contain the breach and prevent the hostile drift entities from impacting either the Capital Acropolis or Empire Acropolis. By the time EIV deployed containment teams <The Vanguard Free Agency> had established a lodgment at the point of the breach. Despite the large mass of hostile drift entities, the private contractors managed to hold back the onslaught with the aid of various smaller local forces. This incident was definitive in allowing Free Agencies to handle local drift containment efforts to offset costs of a full EIV deployment.


EIV in conjunction with various other MegaCorp backed initiatives have begun the process of trying to reclaim areas classified as Null Zones. As technology and containment measures advance, EIV pushes in and slowly reclaims the lost earth in the name of Humanity.

List of Null Zones

See List of Null Zones for information.