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Welcome to the Oracle Cyberverse!

This wiki will provide you with all the most up-to-date and archived Lore and Plot information that you will need in order to play Oblivion LARP and understand the game world at a base level. Please make sure you go through each section in order to fully immerse yourselves in this limitless omniverse.

  • The Oracle Cyberverse is an in-game Internet / Webway that contains valuable information and connects various computer systems around the world and even off-world to each other
  • Players who read the information in the Oracle Cyberverse are allowed to use it as in-game knowledge
  • As new plotlines emerge or information changes about the game world, articles in the Oracle Cyberverse will be updated, created, and / or deleted
  • While basic information about the game world will be available in menu links on the left, hidden information may be buried within the Oracle Cyberverse and require the appropriate "Search Strings" to be entered into the Search Bar at the upper right
  • Most of this Wiki is written as though it was in-game, so it is largely written from an in-game character-person perspective. Please keep this in mind, especially as it pertains to the in-game accuracy of some information (since information is written by characters, it can be subjective to the character author's standpoint or an intentional in-game lie)

With this all in mind, now you can get started on reading up about the game world.

Getting started

The most important information you should read in order to give you an idea of the game world's plot is below.