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MBXK is the pre-eminent world-specialist in inorganic chemical manufacturing, as well as the production and containment of explosive compounds. Due to the nature of having to protect and maintain such highly-dangerous product, MBXK is also renowned for their top-notch specialist training programs for its employees to ensure they remain at the forefront of the chemical market.

Massive Explosives and Chemical Company
Big Boom, Big Satisfaction
Headquarters:       Z4-D01-S017-W031
Industry: Volatile Chemical Production
Founded: 2129
Founder: TBD
Key People: Sergie Milanovich (CEO)
Products: TBD
Divisions: TBD
Subsidiaries: TBD



Массивные Взрывчатые вещества и химическая компания ("Massive Explosives and Chemical Company"), usually referred to as simply "MBXK", is the world leader in explosive devices and volatile chemicals. The company came into prominence as a world class corporation in the mid 2100's after inventing a hyper efficient incendiary catalyst that was also cheap to manufacture. The original parent company, Романов Промышленные решения (Romanov Industrial Solutions) fell victim to one of the greatest manufacturing disasters in the world. But from that tragedy (and insurance pay-out) arose the chemical giant we known today. In spite of previous disaster, MBXK has come to be known for having the best quality products in the business, and boasts an impressive safety record across its many production facilities.