Latent Anti-Drift Geoscapes

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The Latent Anti-Drift Geoscapes, commonly referred to as “The LAG”, are geographic locations around Null Zones where the fabric of reality has not fully stabilized but is considerably more stable than areas contained within Null Zones. These areas have a varying frequency of minor drift related phenomena and have been deemed safe enough by The World Council for commercial ventures and resettlement.


Formally named and established in 2190, the LAG serves as a buffer zone between the densely populated Acropolis and the Null Zones. It is here where there are survivors of the Drift Wars who did not take to the Acropoli, smaller companies, known as Free Agencies, looking for cheaper real-estate, and those who chose to expose themselves to the danger outside of the safe and secure walls of the Acropoli thrive and contribute to society. While the allure of living in such a lawless and dangerous area evades the reasoning of the more sensible citizen, those who move to or otherwise operate within the LAG do so knowing the risks.


The topography of the LAG areas varies between continents given the various placements of Null Zones and Acropoli. The LAG tends to be the buffer zone between the nominally stabilized areas that comprise the Acropoli and the dangerously destabilized area of the Null Zones.

The LAGs follow the Sovereign States designation of the area it covers. For example, the North American LAG is designated LAG-Z1-D02.

To Further refine designation within larger Sovereign States, other geopolitical modifiers reflecting a state or province name will be tagged to the end. For example, The North American LAG in the New Jersey area is LAG-Z1-D02-NJ

Colloquially, within the LAG, Free Agents will just use terms like “Jersey LAG” to refer to LAG-Z1-D02-NJ or “Pennsy LAG” to refer to LAG-Z1-D01-PA. These colloquialisms may vary from Free Agency to Free Agency. See List of LAGs for more information.

Public Controversy

The establishment of the LAG and how it is utilized has been the topic of debate among many of the various senior management committees. Across the board, the LAG is not considered marketable real-estate or anything that can serve as areas to expand an Acropolis into. This is due to the, all-be-it infrequent, occurrences of drift events and the proximity to the Null Zones. The value that is seen in the LAG though is one of security. The LAG acts as a buffer zone between the civilized world and the horrific corruptions of reality which are the Null Zones.

The survivors within the LAG are a topic of minor controversy. It was not believed that anyone survived outside of the Acropoli during the Drift Wars. It was determined that the ability to safely integrate these survivors into the modern civilized corporate lifestyle of the Acropoli would pose an unnecessary risk to the peace and prosperity of the corresponding Acropolis.

Beyond survivors, the LAG is open to more free-thinking and entrepreneurial people who are not necessarily as suited to the corporate lifestyle. This is mutually beneficial, as the freedom to operate more openly and to their desire is something many people prefer, but the MegaCorporations have the ability to utilize contracts in the area to deal with issues and threats in a much more resource-effective way. Of course, the MegaCorporations always have the ability to intervene in large scale issues and threats as they see fit.

The World Council reminds everyone that, while there are survivors from the Drift Wars found in the LAG, they are not to be considered human. These people have witnessed many horrors to have survived for so long without the benevolent guidance of the World Council. Provided they comply with registration laws, they are free to live within the LAG.

The World Council reminds everyone that the LAG does not, under any circumstance, exist to promote shadow wars between MegaCorporations or to act as a free range playground for technology companies to test new product in.

Expansion Efforts

As technology progresses, the ability to stabilize more land outside the current boundaries of the Acropoli becomes more viable. When a large enough area of land is deemed to be stabilized and secure, construction efforts to reclaim land can be initiated. These projects are currently sparse.


  • Free Agencies: Established in 2190 by the World Council via the Free Agencies Directive, Free Agencies are small companies that operate within the LAG and are not directly affiliated with the main MegaCorporation oligarchy or any of their subsidiaries (outside of possible sponsorship). These companies offer specialized services to any that can afford them. These services vary from mercenary work, social outreach, agricultural subsidizing, so forth and so on.
  • CoOps: Communities within the LAG that focus on producing what they need for themselves and for trade with both settlements and Free Agencies within the LAG. Given, their nature, CoOps tend to be closely monitored by the Corporate Inquisition for potential anti-corporate sentiment. CoOps are considered "non-profit" and exist more for the fundamental provisions of life (clothing, food, shelter, etc.)
  • Settlements: These are small guarded communities within the LAG that have either survived through the Drift Wars, were established through social outreach programs for registered drifters who cannot assimilate into the civilized lifestyle found within the Acropoli, or cropped up around privately owned holdings. Since the establishment of Free Agencies, the number of settlements have begun to slowly rise within the LAG.


  • Non-Sanctioned Agencies: These are organizations that operate within the LAG and the Null Zone that have not been officially sanctioned by the World Council or have otherwise had their sanctioning revoked. Non-Sanctioned Agencies are known for their often brutally extreme methods of fulfilling contracts brokered with anything willing to risk a full audit by the Corporate Inquisition. They often have high collateral damage associated with whatever they are doing and are considered an active threat to all law abiding citizens.
  • Raiders: Not all those who survived the wasteland that is both the LAG and the Null Zone came out looking to start a new life within a settlement or other sanctioned organization. These are bandits, pirates, and terrorists who see any form of civilized living as a threat or something to be destroyed out of spite or vengeance. In recent incidents, it has also been found that among their ranks were numerous unregistered Drifters and Xenos.
  • Drift Events: Not all dangers within the LAG are human in nature. The LAG is far from being stable enough to safely expand the boundaries of an Acropolis into it with any significant frequency. Periodic Drift Events result in both drifters and drift beast related incidents that happen often enough to be a concern for those living in the LAG, but not enough concern for EIV to be involved directly in controlling them.
    • Drift Beasts: Drift Beasts are the non-sentient hostile creatures that emerge from the drift. These beasts can vary from something as tiny as a bug to beasts larger than skyscrapers. They can be a lone creature or entire packs. Drift Beast control is one of the more frequent duties of the Free Agencies within the LAG.
  • Natural Disasters: Most futurists predicted that by this day in age humanity would be in possession of a technology that could control the weather. Within limited areas, this is possible. However, due to the climate change that occurred on the planet during the 21st century as well as the emergence of drift events, attempts are often hard to manage on any meaningfully large scale.