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EnerLyte Logo.png
"Technology for Living"
Headquarters:         Z5-D05 S403-W712
Industry: Energy Production and Resource Management
Founded: 2167
Founder: Nur El-Hashem
Key People: See list
Products: Power Packs, Farmasol Home Energy System
Divisions: Energy Sourcing, Solar Development, Hydroelectric Development
Subsidiaries: See list


EnerLyte arose out the ashes of decades of regional warring, famine, and political revolution as a new, unified coalition of like-minded corporations determined to make a new face for the Middle East and the field of energy production. Today, it is the near-universal provider of energy across the globe, having capitalized on new technologies to tap sources previously beyond even the realms of science fiction.


EnerLyte produces, refines, and distributes energy from a variety of sources, from solar, to nuclear, to hydroelectric, to bio-organic and more. It is known for its famous “sun farms” scattered across the expansive Sahara Desert, many of which are arranged in artistic, geometric patterns which can be viewed from space. Additionally, it is the world’s top contractor for hydroelectric dams and oceanic wave-powered generators, having patented hundreds of designs to accommodate ocean and weather patterns across the globe.

Aside from large-scale energy production, EnerLyte also specializes in its Universal Power Transference Modules for powering electronic devices and energy weapons, more commonly known under their branded name, Power Packs®.


Unlike most MegaCorporations, EnerLyte operates as a committee made up of its major subsidiaries rather than a singular corporation. There is an elected leader of the committee who manages the internal workings of the relatively small employee base of the original EnerLyte company (which provides support to and serves as a distributor for the various EnerLyte subsidiaries), with the Presidents of each major subsidiary sitting on the EnerLyte committee as an “Executive Officer” with equal power as any other. All corporate decisions are cast by democratic vote amongst the committee members, and then passed on for review to a subcommittee of various high-ranking managers from each subsidiary.


Major Corporate Centers

  • Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Baghdad, Iraq
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Corporate Subsidiaries

Public Relations

Though it is not the most expansionist, boastful, or historic of MegaCorporations, nonetheless EnerLyte is one of the most ubiquitous and highly-regarded corporations in terms of the reach and reaction of its productions. Quite literally the fuel that runs the world, EnerLyte services all parts of the globe, with interruptions of services or malfunction of products incredibly rare, and currently touts the highest customer-satisfaction rating of all MegaCorporations at an impressive 95% according to the Global Consumer Satisfaction Auditors.

EnerLyte also bears various other GCSA titles for employee and customer safety, employee satisfaction, and employee compensation packages, leading to one of the highest rates of immigration of foreign nationals into EnerLyte-sponsored regions seeking employment with the MegaCorp or one its subsidiaries.

The “EnerDark” Conspiracy

According to supposed “secret documents” released by illegal “hacktivist” groups, EnerLyte has unscrupulously manufactured numbers relating to their rates of employment and consumer satisfaction via teams of internal cybernauts, and utilizes this specialist team (with the assistance of agents from Oracle Incorporated) to repress dissenting speech and intentionally “darken” areas where dissenters are presumed to operate or reside by artificially causing power outages or disastrous product malfunctions in efforts to silence those who would seek to sully the good name of one of the most respected MegaCorporations in the world. Of course, such accusations were unequivocally proven false when EnerLyte provided testimony, documents, maintenance records, and accreditation by independent auditors assuring its innocence in all alleged violations via tribunal before the World Council in 2202. While some far-flung conspiracy theorists on the Cyberverse still cling to these inherently false allegations, the general public at large has only further grown its trust and satisfaction with the company, and EnerLyte still retains its high standing among MegaCorps.