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Erdemettale Interplanetare Verteidigungssysteme
Denn wenn Sie eine Planeten Bedrohung, oder sich mit einem lästigen Nachbarn zu zerstören.
Headquarters:         Z3-D07-S012-W087
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Subsidiaries: Swordcraft LLC, Panzer Integreit Robotik, Blackguard Defense Technologies


Erdemettale Interplanetare Verteidigungssysteme (Earthmetal Interplanetary Defense Systems) or EIV (pronounced: ”eev”) is a MegaCorporation based out of Germany though there are secure bases all throughout the Earth, in Orbit, Moon, and Mars. EIV is Earth’s leading manufacturer of military equipment from small arms to the latest in orbital first strike weaponry. In addition to this, EIV is responsible for maintaining Earth’s planetary defense and interdimensional response systems.

Originally several different arms and vehicle manufacturers (Heckler & Koch, Reinmettal, Boeing, Honeywell, plus many more) the Erdemettale Interplanatare Verteidigungssysteme (EIV) was established after The Aurora Event of 2121, where the first recorded Drift Wave unleashed interdimensional horrors on a global scale. These arms manufacturers merged with global military forces putting aside rivalries to better contain the threats posed by Drift Beasts during Drift Wave events. It is because of the nature of this union that subsidiaries have more independence to self-govern and develop new projects than subsidiaries of other MegaCorporations. In the face of any threat to Earth, the Moon, or Mars, these subsidiaries along with the parent corporation come together to form what the Meridian Council has described as a “Uniquely and surprisingly well equipped military force for a young and developing planet.”

Of note, in direct response to The Aurora Event, EIV began the development the Javelin Orbital Rift Response Defense Systems (JORRDS, or just “Javelins”) that are currently orbiting Earth and Mars. This system tracks Drift Wave events and assess their threat level to the Sovereign States. If a high enough threat level is detected, the Javelin System targets the Drift Wave focal point and fires a high energy beam weapon into it, obliterating whatever is coming through before there is a chance for collateral damage to be incurred by the Sovereign States.

In EIV’s inception, it was founded to defend against Drift Event Incursions, however, it was during the Firestorm Massacre of 2133 that EIV took on the role of true Interplanetary Defense. The Firestorm Massacre was interpreted as a planetary threat and the JORRDS’s turned from facing the Earth to facing space. The first wave of the Firestorm did not make it to Earth Fall. All subsequent waves were intercepted further and further out till the Meridian Guard intervened and Earth experienced First Contact with the Galactic Council.


EIV is known for their innovations in conventional and enerweapons as well as advanced robotics. They excel at churning out lethal commodities that keep the Earth Interstellar Territory protected from any large scale threats.


Major Corporate Centers

  • Cologne, Germany, Headquarters
  • Mars, Extra-planetary Station "ARIES I"
  • Moon, Extra-planetary Station "ARIES II"

Corporate Subsidiaries

Public Relations

Xenos and Drifters have a general distrust of EIV given the MegaCorporation's history of mercilessly hunting all non-registered entities. As the Free Agencies rose up within the LAGs, EIV’s stance on illegals became more lenient.

Among the Xenos there is popular conspiracy theories floating around that EIV is aggressively expansionist. Several unconfirmed reports have been floated around about a massive space station between ARIES I and II bearing EIV’s corporate logo, but no one has been able to confirm this rumor.

The Meridian Guard are suspicious of EIV as sites of Raider Skirmishes tend to be devoid of any recoverable materials for investigation into the Raiders' origins. The Meridian Guard have accused EIV several times of illegally salvaging Xeno technology. Complaints have been filed with the World Council, though nothing seems to be done about this.

Most MegaCorporations tend to leave EIV be given the sheer military power it wields. EIV in turn stays out of most MegaCorporations' business unless they need something that the other corporation provides (one major example is its partnership with Technisa Engenharia, where EIV typically purchases most of its parts to build its equipment). Outside of such necessary transactions, EIV is content with solely dealing with threats to the Earth Interplanetary Territories.

Many see employment by EIV as a way to travel and see things they would not get to see as an indentured employee to any of the other MegaCorporations.

Retired EIV Soldiers are highly sought after by the various Private Security Corporations on Earth but are often considered too skilled for the Police Corporations; however, every now and then, one may find an EIV retiree enforcing Police Policies independently.