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CelGen is a multi-continental MegaCorp specializing in biochemical, medical, and human health research, as well as production of various pharmaceutical and medical technologies and products. Once only a small distribution company, CelGen has grown into the foremost biological and chemical research company in the world, as well as one of the largest employers of Synths across the globe.

CelGen Biochem Systems, Inc.
A new generation of science, today!
Headquarters:         Z1-D02-S031-W217
Industry: Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Research
Founded: 2075
Founder: Fritz Olhouser
Key People: Henning Olhouser (Chairman & CEO)
Products: Aeternus
Divisions: Agricultural Technologies
Biochemical Production
Human Wellness
Medical Technologies
PR & Marketing
Subsidiaries: See list


CelGen focuses on biochemical and medical technology research, production, and distribution. It is most know for its highly advanced pharmaceutical productions, its most famous breakthrough being the Aeternus brand of anti-aging drug therapies. CelGen also operates many high-tech hospital facilities across the globe, offering state-of-the-art medical care.


CelGen is organized under five corporate divisions: Agricultural Technologies, Biochemical Production, Human Wellness, Medical Technologies, and PR & Marketing, plus Executive Operations (which is not a true division, but comprises the bulk of upper management activities). Aside from delegation and direction by senior management or the Board of Directors, each division functions semi-independently and has relatively flexible control over the structure of the various laboratories and manufacturing facilities under its purview.


Board of Directors

  • Henning Olhouser, Board Chairman
  • CG3N315, "Celine"
  • Carmen Chavez
  • Jericho Sudworth
  • Jim Hogarth
  • Valentina de Santigo
  • Sigvard Bosch
  • Gideon Svendsen Jr.
  • Jesenia Salomon

Major Corporate Centers

  • Newark, Delaware, USA, Headquarters
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, historical HQ, PR & Marketing Division
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, Human Wellness Division
  • North Chicago, Illinois, USA, Biochemical Production Division
  • San Diego, California, USA, Medical Technologies Division
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil, Agricultural Technologies Division

Corporate Subsidiaries